Falling in Love Makes a City

The lucky among us have had at least one home in their lives. My first home is Alabama, where I grew up in the humidity and built-in generosity. The second is New York, where I lea[...]


Are You There?

Distance between two people is most pointed over Skype. Or Google Hangout, or whatever video chat provider you use.  “Oh yeah, so Paris is sunny today!” You say as if it’s news, gl[...]


Cheap Eats, Drinks & Art: Le Lucernaire

If you like theatre, movies, cheap beer and French-style hot-dogs, it's time you seek out Le Lucernaire.  A bar, restaurant, cinema and theatre all in one, this lively spot near Va[...]


In the Metro

The apparition       of these faces       in the crowd   : Petals      on a wet, black    bough   . In a Station of the Metro, Ezra Pound He has short spiked hair and a puffy [...]


Weekend Getaways: Relocate to Sunny Madrid

If you’re feeling glum from a lack of vitamin D, Madrid is a great option for escaping the perpetually gray Parisian weather. Generally about 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer than Pa[...]